Pelosi and Reid: “Quick, while nobody’s looking!”

Botox McGee, (or, if you prefer, Nancy Pelosi) D-Calif, had a meeting with President Obama to tell him that she had secured the votes necessary to pass Obamacare. (Side note: why is Pelosi taking fashion cues from Hillary Clinton?)White House mouthpiece Robert Gibbs did not confirm that Obama will set a deadline for passing health care when he graces us little people with his speech tonight, but “sources” told Obama-sanctioned and completely reliable ABC News that the key word for healthcare is “urgency.”

No one’s sure where this urgency came from. Meanwhile, Obama is shoving under the carpet some other important issues, like, say, the various wars with which we’re involved, the outrageously bad economy, growing debt, what people are wearing to my party tonight, etc.

Meanwhile Harry Reid, D-Nev, is maintaining that despite horrible reception from their constituency, record low approval numbers, and not having a brain, the Democratic masterminds behind Obamacare and their refined supporters expect the legislation to pass very soon! He told reporters: “we’re going to do our very best to have a public option or something like a public option before we finish this work.”

Pelosi and Reid are looking to piggyback their fabricated momentum, and continue this race-to-the-finish approach to passing something that just may need a little more time and research to create.

The public option has worked so well in other countries. I’m sure Americans want their recession tax dollars going towards giving a pedophile Viagra and other atrocities like British dental care.

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