BAMF South Carolina Representative to Obama: “You lie!”


In a renegade move last night that perhaps raised a few eyebrows, Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina) interrupted President Obama’s pontificating about how he wants to insure every American, which he claims will not include illegal aliens that are already straining our resources and basically enjoying a free ride on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Biden, who we think was annoyed but we can’t tell since his eyebrows are plastered in a scared position (maybe he’s continually visualizing his approval rating?) told ever-neutral ABCNews on Good Morning America that he is “embarrassed for the chamber and a Congress I love.”

Rep. Wilson’s comment has allegedly annoyed both Democrats and Republicans, but I bet a few members of the GOP are kicking themselves for conjuring up a way to stop the Obama LoveFest 2K9 and worshippers sitting in rapt attention listening to the teleprompter President talk about undoing many foundational American liberties. Generally I strive to maintain proper decorum, but Wilson’s comment was a barometer for the over 50% plurality of Americans that disagree with Obama’s healthcare plan—isn’t that what Wilson was elected to do, represent the people?

This is not the first unorthodox approach to politics that a SC officeholder has used. Argentinaphile Mark Sanford chose not to accept any stimulus money, making a strong statement against the overtaxing and socialist approach the Obama administration has taken to further tanking the economy.

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