Lindsay Lohan hiding booze in her car trunk.



If you’re surprised by this, you obviously don’t follow the important world of pop news as I do.

Last week Lindsay ran her Porshe into an 18 wheeler truck (after falsely telling police that she was riding shot gun) on the Pacific Coast Highway, prompting the truck driver to subsequently file personal injury suits. She could once again be facing jail time after violating her probation following this incident.

However, the interesting part is that after the accident the police and tow truck driver found a water bottle containing alcohol hidden in the trunk of her car. From proper experience smuggling alcohol into tailgates/Capitals games/public concert venues/anywhere, we all know the sneaky water bottle trick and that ultimately it is the best way to drink throughout the day without judgement or getting caught. Oh Lindsay, way not to get the public to believe you’re en route to a comeback (but the SNL stint was so convincing!….) Expect Lindsay to be making court appearance number 54897 sometime soon.

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