American Apparel: "We don't employ underage immigrant laborers, we just put them in sexually suggestive clothing!"

What could go wrong? Don’t worry, American Apparel pays well above minimum wage, and spends lots of money on human rights campaigns to show how ethical the company is. Makes sense, given that the CEO was recently slammed with a $250 million sexual harassment lawsuits and collaborates with Ey! Magateen, which features young boys (aged 16-21) in poses suitable for NAMBLA e-blasts.

FOX News reports:

Embattled American Apparel CEO Dov Charney could be facing more legal troubles for his use of a sexually suggestive shirt proclaiming “teenagers do it better” in his merchandise catalog, according to legal experts.

“Since this shirt is done in collaboration with a publication that depicts minors nearly naked, in sexually suggestive poses, Charney could find himself on the wrong side of a criminal investigation into child porn,” California-based criminal defense attorney, David Wohl said. “Whether or not he could be seen as aiding and abetting in the transmission of child porn is not clear at this point, but he would be ill advised to collaborate, on any level with the ‘Magateen’ publication.”

Merchandise choices aside, Charney’s professional history has included multiple harassment claims, employee discrimination and hiring of illegal immigrants.

The Bert and Ernie marriage proposal

Forget Prop 8. Try Prop publicly funded pan-sexual child indoctrination. And Kermit thought it wasn’t easy being green.

As eloquently stated by Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri:

“A petition for Bert and Ernie to get married is now circling on the Interwebs.

Can’t two anthropomorphic orange and yellow puppets share a bedroom for 40 years without people thinking they’re gay?

By this criteria, most of my socks are gay.

Look, my only hobby is signing online petitions. And I’m all for equality. But I just don’t think muppets ought to be allowed to marry. It’s hard enough explaining marriage with Hugh Hefner around. Now I have to tell my putative kids that “marriage is something that happens between two muppets who have lived together, bickering lovingly over rubber ducks and pigeons, for more than 30 years”? Does this really need to happen?”

Let’s also not fail to mention that none of these muppets have any sexuality to them at all. I mean, Miss Piggy is supposed to be this glamazon, but in the end she is a woman being portrayed as a pig. Don’t even get me started on Snuffleupagus. Also, who’s going to take Bert to get his eyebrows waxed before the big day? It just brings up too many awkward questions.

Riot Act Comedy Theater Opening

Editorial credit: Caroline Coppel

The District got a little funnier Wednesday night when Riot Act Comedy Theater hosted its soft opening party. The event brought a mix of comedy devotees and media members to Penn Quarter, where they enjoyed an evening of stand up, snacks and drinks.


Riot Act is surprisingly spacious – two floors and two full bars, along with ample seating on both levels. The stage itself, though small, brings an intimate feel to the otherwise large theater; each performance felt like it took place in some tiny, hole-in-the-wall club.


The stand-up acts were certainly heartfelt, although the comedians achieved varying success with the audience.  Big Al Goodwin started the night, and gamely performed not once, but twice when his follower, Tony Woods, was late.  Woods definitely made up for his delayed arrival by stealing the show. His material – especially the account of his trip to China – was the highlight of the night. Charles Fleischer ended the show; while the veteran comic made some friends in the front row, the rest of the audience seemed a little disengaged. He was able to reel them back in at the end with an impressive harmonica solo, however.  If you like a little music with your comedy, you should check him out; he’ll be playing at Riot Act through Saturday.


Riot Act will be open seven days a week and will feature regular theme nights as well as national and local acts. The club will host an open mic night Tuesdays, to give some budding comedians a chance to shine.