Rocks Does Vegas…And Lives to Tell the Tale!

I just returned from a five-day Las Vegas vacation and let me say, I have never been so thankful to be back in good old NashVegas.  I learned quite a few things during my stay in Sin City, the first being that it’s a land of polar opposites.  By this I mean the fact that there is a strip of blinding lights surrounded by mountains, the people are either extremely fit or very much the opposite, and the fashion ranges from the trashiest I’ve ever seen to the most expensive designer duds I ogle in the pages in Vogue.

So, for all of you who plan on making a journey to Las Vegas in the near future, here are some tips:

1. If you expect to walk all day or all night, do NOT wear heels.  If you plan on wearing heels, bring cash for taxis.  Our first night in Vegas was essentially a three-mile wild goose chase up and down the strip to meet up with various groups of people.  While the boys were able to breeze along in their Sperry’s, we tottered painfully in our heels until the wee hours.  My poor friend had to use eight Band-Aids per foot for the rest of the trip.

2. Make sure you eat, because you WILL be drinking all day.  This wasn’t such an issue for me, as I gorged myself on gourmet Chinese, Wolfgang Puck pizza, and of course, In-n-Out Burger (Five Guys is better).  However, my friends and I would have been in constant shambles if we hadn’t consistently scheduled meals.  Funny, my dad’s only concern about my trip to Vegas was that I’d forget to eat; clearly that wasn’t a problem.

3. Do not carry around a big, bulky bag.  First of all, the strip is teeming with all sorts of odd folk, so a cross-body bag is best to keep your belongings safe.  Second, it’s hard to fully enjoy VIP bottle service at clubs when you have to maneuver a satchel or tote.  True story.

4.Don’t be opposed to making new friends, but do be selective about who you talk to.  For example,

on our first night in Vegas, my friend and I were challengedto a game of beer pong by an Australian rugby team.  Imagine their surprise when we beat them by three cups.  However, not everyone in Vegas is so friendly or has your best interests in mind.  Stay in groups, and if someone goes rogue, send out a search party.

Finally, if I can leave you with the single most important piece of advice, it’s this: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it involves the police, hotel security, or strippers.  So be safe, be careful, and always be stylish, because pictures of Vegas adventures are online for the whole world to see.

Their Last Names Might Not Be 'Rocks,' But I Still Love Them Like a Family

Today on the way to campus, I had probably one of the most unfashionable car disasters: a flat tire.  Angry and frustrated, I found parking as soon as I could and had to abandon my wounded automobile to make it to class.  Once there, I griped and moaned about the event and classmates offered sympathetic nods.  For the most part, however, I knew I was on my own and had to handle the situation without the help of my parents and ever-helpful older brother.

I made the decision to skip my next class (a difficult one, as any obsessive-compulsive perfectionist would understand) and returned to my car to take care of the issue.  I called AAA and notified them of my situation, assured them I was safe, and settled into my overheated car to begin the wait.

Up until this point, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and alone as I tackled this issue solo.  States away from my enormous, engulfing family, Icouldn’t call upon one of my ten cousins to come to my aid.  But as the day went on, I felt significantly better about my support system at Vanderbilt.

To start, one of my classmates texted me to let me know that he was free all morning and would be happy to give me a ride if I needed one.  This text gave me the confidence that someone on the Vanderbilt campus had my back and would be ready to help me, should I require the assistance.  But when the AAA mechanic arrived and told me that he couldn’t remove my tire because the key lug nut remover was missing from my car’s toolkit, I went into panic mode.  Now what was I going to do?  As I soon found out, my Nashville support system did more than send encouraging text messages.

I texted a friend with the exact same car as me, and begged to sift through her Volkswagen’s toolkit to find the necessary bolt.  Despite having gone to sleep at 8 AM and taking notes for me in the class I skipped because of the flat, she schlepped over to me on the other side of campus and even offered to wait with me.

When the AAA mechanic finished putting the spare tire on, I got another text, this time from on of my roommates, making sure everything went okay and asking if I needed anything.

Despite the fact that the flat tire put me in a gloomy and stressful mood, things immediately improved when my friends and classmates showed me that I didn’t have to handle the crisis by myself.  I may not have any relatives in Nashville, but I definitely have a family here.  So thanks guys, next round’s on me.

Little Black Blog featured on

Marie Coleman, also known as District Couture on Washington’s, wrote a snappy little piece on Little Black Blog and its upcoming Coming Out Party. Coleman also pens articles about fashionable events around the District, like heavy coverage of Fashion’s Night Out and the debut of Perez Hilton’s new fashion-based website, Coco Perez. Take a look at the pieced she did on LBB below.

DC’s “Little Black Blog” marries fashion and politics with humor and irreverence

As city retailers prepare for Fashion’s Night Out later this week, a local new political fashion blog, Little Black Blog, will host its coming out party on this year’s palindrome, 09.09.09 at, you guessed it, 9PM at L2 Lounge in Georgetown. Described by blogeress and recent DC transplant Quin Woodward Pu as “politi-couture,” Little Black Blog offers an unconventional yet witty perspective on politics of the day and the fashions around the world.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint Woodward Pu’s political affiliation, it is that very mystique that draws the reader in along with a smart, left-of-center humor. A photo of a defiled clip-on hair piece laying the middle of the street accompanied a post about Kim, the wig-wearing-white-woman on the Desperate Real Housewives of Atlanta, posing for in a pro-gay marriage ad in the tradition of PETA’s “I’d rather go naked” campaign.

Another post about a finger-biting healthcare zealot features an original Woodward Pu paraphrasing of the bizarre altercation. Meanwhile she’s uncovered some new photos from the set of the Sex and the City sequel.

If you’re looking for a dose of smart and funny with your political fashion news, LBB will deliver.

Attending the Little Black Blog coming out party next Wednesday and want to meet Woodward Pu? The blogeress can oft be found wearing her signature pearl baubles.