Teen Mom Amber makes How Much?!?!

In a resounding, FML, Teen Mom fail Amber Portwood revealed her salary in the courtroom the other day. (Facing domestic violence charges after hitting boyfriend, Gary, with baby daughter Leah in the same room.) Having identified her occupation as “television personality” the judge requested to know her salary, which is: $280, 000.

How come in every episode she is whining about bills and working at a tanning salon? This is so NOT a look at real teenage motherhood. No wonder so many teens are hurrying to get knocked up and audition for this show in the hopes of scoring “fame” and wealth.

280K? Seriously?! Oh well. Going to college and not being a teen mom > going to jail and embarrassing yourself on national TV.

Reality stars not stewards of reality? Say it isn't so!


Anyone who lives in DC know the Salahis are known to be stingy and broke, but now they’re crashing the White House as part of their skillful PR campaign for themselves to showcase their whirlwind and glamorous lifestyle. Unfortunately for them, they have some legal messiness to tend to, and it isn’t just because they crashed federal property and threw the Secret Service under a bus.

The  Real Housewives stars (wait–isn’t Tareq a male?) have quite a few skeletons in the closet, including debt, unfiled taxes, and suing of various relatives. And, oh yeah, they aren’t even shooting the episodes in their own house, rumor has it.  Oops.

For a somewhat complete list of legal/ethical/mostly hilarious issues, check out CNN’s post about the Salahis.

So here’s a question: in the day and age of hyper-political correctness, one has to wonder a few things. The White House should be privy to the most advanced security in the world. After all, the Savior, aka President Obama, is housed there, along with an inspirational organic veggie garden and Sasha Fierce and Malia. Would crashers with much less, ahem, exotic names gotten access to the Chosen One and his recession-aloof Thanksgiving Dinner? Just a thought…