Miss Venezuela: women and men treated equally

In a bid for the Miss Universe title, which Venezuela-born Stefania Fernandez eventually clenched, the brunette beauty said, “women have overcome many obstacles and have reached the same level as men.”

Is anyone else surprised that this answer won Ms. Fernandez the crown? I’m wondering if Germaine Greer attempted to reach through the television and asphyxiate this statuesque beauty, while somewhere in the dressing rooms, a scantily clad Heidi Montag, who served as entertainment during the show, probably began to take credit by shamelessly promoting her recent Playboy spread.

Miss Venezuela’s answer is commendable; to answer candidly with an opinion that may not align itself with the popular social view is quite haphazard (see: Prejean, Carrie and homophobic implosion). Props to Miss Universe judges, some F-list ex-reality show celebuwannabes, for awarding such a forward-thinking answer.

It seems a little backward that Miss Venezuela’s answer came on the heels of her bathing suit competition, which has beat out the defunct “talent” competition to keep its position in the pageant. As the crown-winning answer stated, women have overcome obstacles to be held in the same esteem as men. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a dazzling smile and dress slit up to the get up, either.