Late Night LaLa: Alessi grand opening

Last Thursday I had the honor of swinging by the new Alessi store in Georgetown’s Cady’s Alley. Alessi is a family owned and operated business founded in Italy in 1921. With an assortment of over 2,000 design objects for the home and kitchen, the new store has something to offer everyone. Alessi has collaborated with artists such as Michael Graves and David Chipperfield to create housewares that are aesthetically pleasing. Products available at the Alessi store include porcelain pot sets, children’s dishware, flower vases, and watches. My personal favorite item from Alessi is the parrot bottle opener. The line of modern and funky watches will also be making an appearance on my Christmas list this year.

The DC store is owned and operated by Deborah Kalkstein, a prominent member of the desing community in Washington. Alessi also has stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, and New York City. Be sure to swing by Alessi at 3319A Cady’s Alley NW.

Rocks Does Vegas…And Lives to Tell the Tale!

I just returned from a five-day Las Vegas vacation and let me say, I have never been so thankful to be back in good old NashVegas.  I learned quite a few things during my stay in Sin City, the first being that it’s a land of polar opposites.  By this I mean the fact that there is a strip of blinding lights surrounded by mountains, the people are either extremely fit or very much the opposite, and the fashion ranges from the trashiest I’ve ever seen to the most expensive designer duds I ogle in the pages in Vogue.

So, for all of you who plan on making a journey to Las Vegas in the near future, here are some tips:

1. If you expect to walk all day or all night, do NOT wear heels.  If you plan on wearing heels, bring cash for taxis.  Our first night in Vegas was essentially a three-mile wild goose chase up and down the strip to meet up with various groups of people.  While the boys were able to breeze along in their Sperry’s, we tottered painfully in our heels until the wee hours.  My poor friend had to use eight Band-Aids per foot for the rest of the trip.

2. Make sure you eat, because you WILL be drinking all day.  This wasn’t such an issue for me, as I gorged myself on gourmet Chinese, Wolfgang Puck pizza, and of course, In-n-Out Burger (Five Guys is better).  However, my friends and I would have been in constant shambles if we hadn’t consistently scheduled meals.  Funny, my dad’s only concern about my trip to Vegas was that I’d forget to eat; clearly that wasn’t a problem.

3. Do not carry around a big, bulky bag.  First of all, the strip is teeming with all sorts of odd folk, so a cross-body bag is best to keep your belongings safe.  Second, it’s hard to fully enjoy VIP bottle service at clubs when you have to maneuver a satchel or tote.  True story.

4.Don’t be opposed to making new friends, but do be selective about who you talk to.  For example,

on our first night in Vegas, my friend and I were challengedto a game of beer pong by an Australian rugby team.  Imagine their surprise when we beat them by three cups.  However, not everyone in Vegas is so friendly or has your best interests in mind.  Stay in groups, and if someone goes rogue, send out a search party.

Finally, if I can leave you with the single most important piece of advice, it’s this: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it involves the police, hotel security, or strippers.  So be safe, be careful, and always be stylish, because pictures of Vegas adventures are online for the whole world to see.

This might be the most pointless invention ever

On the metro recovering from a Saturday late night dance party and want to pass out? Well if you also want to look like a ridiculous d-bag while sleeping, the geniuses over at SnazzyNapper may have just the thing for you. This new device called the “SnazzyNapper” makes it easier for people to nap in public while simultaneously making you look like an uber creep. Upon first glance I honestly thought this was a joke, or even a hip updated half-burka. False. Check out the official infomercial featuring people attempting to nap on the job, on a plane, etc wearing their handy dandy “SnazzyNapper.” Isn’t this just a snuggie with a mask? Personally, I would be terrified if the person sitting next to me on a plane whipped this out.

Peeking pectorals make a comeback

According to the Wall Street Journal, man cleavage, otherwise known as heavage, is so hot right now. Throwback to the disco era, or cultural revolution? The man chest look is touted to be to be inspired by “the unabashed machismo of Latin American men.”

The article sites actors including “True Blood” star Mehcad Brooks, who rocks the heavage look, in addition to “Gossip Girl” dandy Ed Westwick and Jude Law, as pioneers of this Latin-influenced look.

There’s a delicate balance to the hair-to-skin ratio, so men are taking to waxing to keep things looking smooth and manly(ish). Yum.

Katie Price publishes book about fashion and style

Who wouldn’t take advice from Jordan/Katie/Sapphire/Unicorn Price? Apparently that’s what she was thinking when she announced the publishing of her new book, My Look, My Style, My Life, which is chock full o’ handy tips about how to look exactly like her, including selecting 28 outfits for a weekend vacation and the designer of her £17,000 bed linens.

Mother to three publicity whores-in-the-making, Price launched her book next to her boyf, Alex Reid, horse trainer Andy Gould, brother Daniel Price and stylist Phil Turner.

And, just because it’s Friday, here are a few more parting shots of this style guru:

Farmtastic Chanel goes eco

German designer Karl Lagerfeld at the end of his Chanel ready-to-wear ...

It’s Fashion Week in Paris, and the gold standard of fashion houses, Chanel, has finally jumped on the going green bandwagon. Automaton Karl Lagerfeld was programmed to say the following about the new line, “It’s Coco Ecolo, ecology can be chic. No? One can use natural fabrics and learn from nature.”

The runway show was set in a mocked-up bucolic Normandy barn, with hay, ladders, and a wooden double C logo for the iconic brand.

A model presents an outfit by German designer Karl Lagerfeld ...FWD202  Model walks the runway at the Chanel show during Spring ...

Lagerfeld used rustic materials like jute, linen, and the increasingly popular raffia, giving the normally stuffy Chanel lines som whimsy. He also played on Marie Antoinette’s legendary simple farm life wherein she apparently chased after animals, churned butter, and did her own gardening.

British pop star Lily Allen headed up the music efforts for the hoedown, wearing some sensible ready-to-wear Chanel barn gear.

British singer Lily Allen performs during Chanel ready-to-wear ...

To capture the “farm life chic” look, models traipsed around the fabricated barnyard in frayed and unfinished items in tousled hair. They even wore orthopedic-friendly clogs and played on the coop feel by adding large white feathers as an embellishment to their blouses. 

FWD201  Model walks the runway at the Chanel show during Spring ...FWD205  Model walks the runway at the Chanel show during Spring ...