Rihanna gets another tat



Rihanna recently got an interesting tattoo, this time around it is under her boobs and is in honor of her late grandmother. The singer tweeted:

“Goddess Isis- Complete Woman – Model for future generations-¬†#GRANGRANDOLLY¬†– always in and on my heart #1love.”

From E! Online:

“Ri-Ri’s body art shows Isis, with her throne-shaped headdress, bent down on one knee with her wings spread out under the singer’s breasts. Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of rebirth and is one of the most common images of empowered femininity.”


"Obama" now a synonym for "Jesus"

Bieber Tat

Biebs is growing up, and what better way to signify coming of age than getting a matching tat with his dad? The duo both had “Yeshua” inked onto their torsos. Yeshua is Hebrew for Joshua.

Miley Cyrus

She’s just being Miley, okay? The teen star was photographed on Wednesday revealing some new ink down her right side. A Native American dream catcher to be exact. This is the fourth tattoo for the Hannah Montana alum. Expect tweens worldwide to say, “But MOMMMMMM! Miley got one! Its not like I want a bong hit or to grind a stripper pole or anything!! ”

Kids these days.

Does a fugly tattoo make me a good Teen Mom?

(Image from radaronline.) In the midst of drunk driving, second pregnancy allegations, smashing Gary in the face, and engaging in similar classy activities, Teen Mom Amber Portwood has found the time to get the world’s most heinous tattoo. I don’t know what would be worse: Amber becoming a mom again, or watching the face of the tattoo baby become distorted during another pregnancy.