What's cookin', good lookin'?

Haute Hostess Aprons Glam It Up Collection in Jacqueline

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve hit an economic slump. So while we may be cutting back on services or items that are actually essential, like health insurance, air conditioning, or eating foods higher on the food chain than legumes, some fashion addictions are hard to kick. How can one justify spending half a month of rent on shoes, especially after finding out that rent prices have gone up for the next year?

While I enjoy going out to lavish dinners and swilling crazy cocktails that are mostly sugar water, I realize it’s time for a much more realistic means of getting my sustenance. I set out to find a way to glam up the dreaded “dinner in tonight,” and discovered some scrumptious cooking apparel to entice even those capable only of making toast or spaghetti. These little treats are both easy on the eyes and low in carbs.

For those subsisting on a Ramen and pilfered cracker-from-the-cafeteria diet, invest in a standard half apron to throw on over your LBD (hey, you can still go out afterwards!) Opt for brighter, bolder colors, like orange or yellow, for a fun, weekday supper. But for a more glamorous aesthetic, try a ruby red hue with pearls and matching lipstick. You can one-up Bree Van de Camp’s apple pie any day! Just make sure to grab one in the freezer section when you purchase your apron at super discount places like Wal-Mart or Kmart.

If you’re still longing for those sumptuous dinners of economies past, try a more high-end design. Nashville’s own Elizabeth Scokin makes two sassy collections of these aprons, in both the half style that ties around the waist and the full that goes around the neck. Inspired by the classic cocktail dress, Ms. Scokin created the Give Me Sugar and Glam It Up collections of her Haute Hostess Aprons line to add style to any kitchen encounter. They’re a little more expensive, but they’re currently having a 50% off promotion for Mother’s Day. Check them out at elizabethscokinproductions.com/products/index.asp. Throw in the frozen dinner, and the oven won’t be the only hot thing in the room.

So now you can enjoy the same fanfare in getting ready for a domestic night in as you did for a wild night out. Use that extra money you saved to buy those shoes. You’ll need them to wear with your new apron.

As written for Examiner.com.


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