Fedoras make a comeback for salaries of all sizes

Ashlee Simpson looking fedora-ble in this beachy one

In the wake of our economic slump, we’re all looking for a romantic escape. Enter the fedora, perhaps the most stable investment you can make right now. While channeling your inner Carmen Sandiego, you can travel anywhere from a safari to the tropics without the fuss (and fare) of flights or hotels.

While many believe fedoras belong in a man’s wardrobe, the term “fedora” is based off the title of a Victorien Sardou play written in the 1880s, wherein the female lead wears these funky, pinched-sided hats.

Every woman loves a man in his Sunday best, so guys, try this look out for a formal weekend brunch with slacks and a wool coat. For the summertime, women look fabulous in beachy sandals and a pastel dress for an unexpected, yet sexy, fashion statement. If you can already feel your teen-aged child rolling his or her eyes at your salute to this historical hat, offer them the 21st century fedora, which features a shorter brim and cool textures like exaggerated herringbone and pinstripes.

For those with job security, check out Proper Topper, an adorable boutique, for high-end headwear and killer fedoras in the most luxurious fabrics. For those with a little less disposable income, bargain department stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls always have a surprisingly large selection of colored fedoras. Either way, fedoras promise to be a worthy asset, with the flexibility of functioning as either formalwear or casual beach gear.

As written for Examiner.com.

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