Toga, toga, toga!

Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz 

With summer in full swing, we’re all looking for ways to wear lighter, airier clothing to stay cooler. Problem is, it’s tough to balance the need for less clothing and the aim for appropriate, fashionable styles. The perfect way to meet both these criteria? Take some advice from the Greeks, of course. Not only were they fantastic mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers, but also way ahead of their time fashion-wise. There’s nothing sexier than a little skin, and togas are the perfect combination of tastefulness and summertime style.

The Greeks are well known for their innovations, and the draping, sumptuous toga style is no exception. Designers have modernized this look by using luxurious fabrics like charmeuse and pima cotton, and in using these materials, fashionistas can keep cool in even the most intense summer sun. Take a look at Cameron Diaz’s Greek inspired J. Mendel dress made of white satin. The A-list actress paired the one-shouldered style with sky-high heels, and looked breezy and fresh, even in the scorching Hollywood heat.

Megan Fox looking Togariffic Megan Fox looking Togariffic 

Swathing yourself in lighter clothing can allow you to be a little more covered up while still keeping comfortable. For example, the gorgeous Megan Fox wore a full-length toga dress, which, despite its long length, still looks perfect for summertime. She pairs the toga number with a slender black belt to keep the fit from being too loose and shapeless. The revealing low cut back and sides are also a sexy way to add more exposure to an otherwise concealing dress, making the Transformers star a millennial Helen of Troy.

While togas are one way to work this Grecian look, there are plenty of other ways to work Greek accents into an ensemble. Gladiator shoes, which are a great sandal staple, get a lift from stiletto heels, as seen in Gwenyth Paltrow’s Balenciaga. Mrs. Chris Martin also used these shoes to accompany her toga styled dress, making her look a proverbial Grecian Ode.

Try this Toga Piece Try this Toga Piece 

Even if you’re not on the red carpet, the Grecian look can still be worked into your wardrobe. Blouses that feature one-shoulder sleeves and ample fabric can be work appropriate when worn under a suit jacket or a cardigan. When out on the beach, instead of fussing with hair strengtheners and blow driers, take some inspiration from Grecian goddesses and let your hair go wavy.  Try a few braids to channel your inner fashion muse.

If you’re shy about showing off your curves, the Grecian trend is definitely for you. With plenty of layers and folds to cover up your least favorite areas, togas are a great option for tummy conscious trendwatchers. Furthermore, gladiator flats are comfy and stylish, and add instant style awareness to any outfit. So even though you’ll be sizzling in your sexy style, you can still keep cool in the summertime with toga, but, sorry—beautiful Grecian house staff fanning you with lotus leaves and feeding you grapes not included with this hot new style.

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