Raising McCain

Although Senator McCain failed to clench the presidential nomination, his run for commander-in-chief thrust his daughter, Meghan, onto the national spotlight. Taking after her mother with her ultra peroxided locks, Meghan ran “The McCain Blogette,” which was basically a recounting of her experience on the campaign trail. We couldn’t help but notice, either, that she’s got some seriously awesome ensembles, too.

Since the campaign, Meghan has gone about on her own endeavors, and bringing her rockin’ threads with her around the globe. Meghan’s got quite a voluptuous shape, and she likes to dress it in solids, especially black. She paired a conservative black dress with a sophisticated handbag—not too exciting, but certainly very classy. A more surprising match? Meghan’s rumored new BFF, Tila Tequila, who wore a slighlty more tawdry version of Meghan’s get-up.

We also think she totally pulls off the Norweigan look, and are glad she hasn’t resorted to Christina Aguilera red lipstick. Not that “Ain’t No Other Man” isn’t on our pregame playlist or anything. She generally opts for subtler makeup, and in line with her classic tastes are her accessories. Behold these timeless (and recession-unfriendly $400) Chanel shades and gold hoops.

Like her father, Meghan has received excited approval from some parts of the GOP, and angered many other parts with her questionably conservative political stances. I think the Republicans can agree on one thing, though: Meghan’s defintely got the potential to be a rising star. As she continues to blog her way through the political battlefield, we hope she adds a little more color to her wardrobe. At a recent meeting with the Log Cabin Repbulicans, she stuck with her all-black look in a fabulous brocaded suit. Chic, yes, but c’mon, Meghan. Aren’t you trying to reenergize the party? You totally could have gotten away with this crazy Heatherette patriot-on-crack concoction.

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