End of summer sale items worth your money

With the summer peak nearing and the month of August—home of school start days, final vacation hurrahs, and the last of the formidable humidity and heat—just around the corner, it’s hard to get excited about the impending cooler months filled with work, chilly days, and fewer excuses for day drinking. However, end of season sales, which will surely be hitting customers even earlier this year thanks to the poor economic climate, are at least one thing to look forward to as the days continue to get shorter. But as more and more people need to start pinching pennies, functionality and versatility are key criteria to keep in mind as we hit the racks. While final summer sales have plenty of great deals to offer, here are a few select items you should spend your money on at the clearance rack in retail stores:

Peg Legged Peg Legged 

Peg-legged pants: Okay, so this is a difficult look to pull of to begin with, but why not live a little and give this trend a try? There are plenty of ways to take them from summertime to fall and even winter. During the warmer months, they’re a great way to show off fabulous heels while staying appropriate and not showing too much leg. In the autumn, however, you could pair these pirate-inspired pants with ankle boots for a rocker edge. Over-the-pants boots are always a must for winter, and would look great with dark ankle length pants like the James Ritchie pair from Denim Bar. Grab a pair off the sale rack and start assembling year-round looks!

Maxi Dresses Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses: If you’re like me, you probably traded in the maxi dresses from earlier this Spring for the usual miniskirts and shorts that show off your legs. However, looking forward to the latter half of the year, why not incorporate these traditionally summery dresses into your wardrobe for some more formal flair. Put your cotton and beachy ones in storage, but keep out ones made of more luxurious fabrics like satin and charmeuse. Paired with an updo and evening clutch, this could definitely be your next winter cocktail dress. It’s hard to be glamorous in jeans and a huge down coat, but a maxi dress like the sumptuous Corey Lynn Calter satin zebra-print one from Pink Mascara and maybe even a fur stole is about as fabulous as it gets!

Jumpsuits Jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits: People have mixed reactions to these sartorial portmanteau creations, but with celebrities sporting them everywhere from the red carpet to Trader Joes, it looks like these parachutist uniforms are here to stay. Instead of throwing a coat over your jumpsuit, though, try putting a cute thermal tee or turtleneck under it when the temperature begins to drop. In the meantime, you can enjoy this look for the remainder of summer, and thus justify buying such a one, like Veronica M’s classic black one from National Jean Company, that you might otherwise avoid.

White White 

White: Don’t tell your grandmother, but it’s completely okay to wear white after Labor Day. While I would avoid white shoes simply because they can look tacky outside of the beach or without appropriate summertime apparel, white trouser pants like the crisp high-waisted Milly style from Hysteria can look fresh and angelic if they aren’t bleached or made of linen. So don’t skip over anything white at end of season sales because of some outdated rule that originated when women maxed out at baking pies for the war effort. We’ve evolved.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts, but don’t feel guilty about splurging at the blowout sale as we near the end of the beach vacation season. Down economies are all about resourcefulness, and what’s more resourceful than getting more use out of your closet?

As written for MYiLIVE.com.

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