Neons more outrageous than ever

James Puech Bag

Neon colors are by nature eye-catching and wild, but who would have thought designers would take to these once almost tacky colors to create something super stylish? Accessories are getting a total overhaul from the previous eco-inspired wood bangles and copper or other organic metals and entering a whole new world of post-modern frenzy in fluorescent Lucite and practically incandescent plastic. Meanwhile, supple leather bags get an overhaul from neutrals like chocolate and tan and popping up candy colored, but still butter soft, designs that retail well into the four digits.

Check out Jamin Puech’s line of incredibly bright luxury handbags, available in colors like school bus yellow and coral. Personally I can’t get enough of the shoulder strap bag that appears to be studded with M & Ms, complete with a whimsical plastic bow.

While bright colors are definitely a difficult look to pull off, there’s nothing edgier than a fully color coordinated ensemble in galactic hues. Calvin Klein, who recently came under fire for a seriously risqué billboard posted in New York, even applied this theory to his men’s line. The sexy designer jeans mogul dressed Nordic blondes in electric lime and caution orange suits, paired them with matching shoes, and strutted the Swede-looking men down a blinding white runway. Top to toe neon is a bold move for the average working man, but on the plus side, he definitely won’t get hit by cars when he crosses the street.

Calvin Klein's Bold Move

If making a sartorial commitment to the brights is just a little too much for you, you can always opt for just a few flashes of bold color via bracelets or other jewelry. Top Shop’s many colored, link spangled arm candy is just one example of an affordable way to incorporate some more day-glo colors into your wardrobe. On the other hand, killer shoes in high visibility pinks, oranges, and yellows are another fashionable way to add an exclamation point to any solid dress.

Neon Bangle Heaven

The best part about wearing these ridiculously bright colors? Apart from their attention-grabbing effects, most neons are so bold that they actually look great when paired together. Mustard yellow and rosy pink are almost matronly, but vivid banana and bubble gum pink are retro-punk and fabulous. While these hues are great for a daytime pick-me-up, try this style out when you’re feeling just a little jaded with the same old black and dark denim for a night out—you’ll definitely stand out in the even the darkest of nightclubs.

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