Repurposing last year's styles

What was in last year? Can you even remember any trends pre-rompers, ankle boots, gladiator sandals, or peg legged? As styles seem to be getting more and more bizarre, it’s a good idea to take a step back and find a way to update looks from a previous season. Obviously a great money-saving tactic, taking advantage of firmly established fads and sprucing them up a bit with some modern items is a great way to get plenty of mileage out your wardrobe in this down economy. Take a look at the 2009 take on these 2008 (and previous years’) hot items:

Basic Skinny Jeans Basic Skinny Jeans 

1. Over the pants knee high boots: These are just too sexy to go away, not to mention totally functional, as they can be worn during the day and at night. Coming in a variety of heel heights, these go-go inspired shoes can be supercomfy in flat styles or super-vixen in five inches or higher. While they shined last year as an accompaniment to dark denim, try them out this year with candy colored jeans, like National Jean Company’s Basic Skinny Jean in a fabulous Twizzler red shade. You can also pair boots with textured or patterned tights and short skirts for an urban chic look that’s both sexy and covered.

Stylish Cusp Scarf Stylish Cusp Scarf 

2. Scarves: Okay, so these keep-warm accessories have been around for a long time now, but last year they definitely exploded onto the scene in every color imaginable, and in some printed patterns. This year, instead of letting the loose ends dangle on either side, why not wear them in an ultra-glamorous way by keeping the ends tied in either a bow or other manner that keeps everything tucked? It’s the way scarves were meant to be worn, and it’s also the most heat efficient way to wear them. Try this out with a new scarf in yummy chocolate brown, like the one sold at CUSP, which is a perfect, rich hue for autumn and winter.

Plaid Tunic Top Plaid Tunic Top 

3. The tunic top: I have a love/hate relationship with these babies. For one, they can be rather unflattering, and for another, they often lead to indecent exposure when women proudly proclaim, “it’s a dress!” when clearly the tunic is very often too short to fit into this category. However, for 2009, a tunic top can be updated from its usual fixture in the wardrobe from something to be paired with leggings (also NOT pants, despite many peoples’ ambitions to make them so) to a hot item to be paired with actual jeans and a punchy belt for more definition. Tunic tops are great staples because they are often solid in color. Standout jewelry makes an excellent statement when paired with tunics, as do funky accessories that take center stage to an otherwise staid ensemble. Even Intermix’s plaid tunic top could stand some eclectic turquoise or otherwise earthy jewelry, especially paired with the right pair of jeans.

Sure, fashion houses are strutting models down the runway with bizarre “ready-to-wear” fashions that are better suited for costumes, but with these modernized takes on last year’s styles, there’s no need to go out and splurge on designer pieces.

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