Naughty nauticals: maritime look is full speed ahead

Posh Posh

While some may be spending their days at the lake or on a huge yacht, some of us just don’t have the time or the wherewithal to lounge around in the sun all day. The solution? Nautical themed clothing is the perfect way for both men and women alike to take a mini vacation.

Though fashion is usually considered to be more of a woman’s indulgence, men can really get a lot of mileage out of the nautical look, which is versatile and dashing. Check out David Beckham’s most recent Emporio Armani ad campaign, which features the chiseled soccer hottie wrapped seductively around a thick rope. No one’s sure about how effective this ad is at promoting Armani’s underwear line, but the ad certainly catches the eye.

Mr. Posh Mr. Posh

In addition, Beckham’s former Spice Girl wife, Victoria “Posh” Beckham, also released an Armani for women’s underwear ad, where she sports a rope looking braid that unites her look with her husband’s.

For those who prefer wearing just a bit more clothing, and for those who can’t rely on props to create a nautical look, just a few boat inspired embellishments go a long way. Take a look at this fashionable NRH FedEx Polo Classic attendee: despite the need for formal clothing that’s both light and bright, she manages to add some cache to her otherwise solid colored dress with a hint of matching twine, reminiscent of a marine’s rope.

FedEx Polo Classic Photo by Simon Mandel

While sailing clothes used to be reserved almost completely for those who were wealthy enough to afford a boat, more mainstream clothing brands have begun to release nautical fashions. For example, Guess, which generally markets to the Los Angeles rock star or valley girl, has begun producing demure pieces like a seersucker coat adorned with an anchor detail.

White pants are always associated with summertime, but this season, brands that are already tailored to the boat owning populace have put out sailor inspired pants, which are wide in the leg and often made of light fabrics like linen. French Connection also added some grommets or buttons to complete the nautical look. So even when you’re working at the office, these pants make you feel like you’re on a fabulous boat.

Wide Leg Pants Wide Leg Pants

For those looking for just a hint of the nautical aesthetic, begin with the shoes. For men, there are always the classic Sperry Topsiders, which are now available in even more preppy colors like lime and orange. Sperry has even begun marketing to women. However, if you’re more into bold heels, try out the ones by New Look, which feature bold primary colors like red and blue. The bonus? Most nautical clothing is blue and white, so stock up on these festive fashions and you’ll be all set for a big party on the Fourth of July, even if it’s not on a yacht.

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