(Questionably) wise Latina sworn in as newest Supreme Court justice


From CNN

Self-proclaimed New Yorican Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in as the 111th justice, and it’s certainly been an interesting ride watching her take the stage. Almost immediately after being announced as the next SCOTUS judiciary candidate, the blogosphere blew up with videos of her haughtily touting an activist approach at the bench. Compounding this problem, which as a singular instance most would think would be enough to keep her out of the country’s highest court, she also made some racially charged comments about how a “wise Latina” could come to a better decision than your average (white) Joe.

More confusing is that only a little more than a month before she was confirmed, the current Supreme Court turned over one of her decisions that had been appealed. In fact, 60% of her decisions to be accepted via appeal to the Supreme Court have been overturned. Things could get awkward in the courtroom with her new colleagues, which are comprised of a plurality of voices that have disagreed with Sotomayor at the highest level.

Given the hotly tested debate between the democrats and republicans that Sotomayor generated over the decisions she handed down in the name of “equal rights for minorities,” it was nice to see she chose a cream suit for her historic initiation. Unlike most of her verdicts, the jacket top was conservative, while its neutral color was, like Sotomayor, anything but boring.

It’s nice to think that she will “faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent” on her, as she swore on the Bible to do so as a justice, but only time will tell if Sotomayor will divvy up decisions as outlined by the Constitution, or if she will let personal preferences cloud her perception in a quest to legislate from the bench.

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