Coming Out Party for!



-Quin Woodward Pu marries politics, fashion, and culture in her transcendent new blog-

Washington, DC (August 17, 2008)- Nine o’clock on September 9, 2009 will mark the vivacious arrival of Quin Woodward Pu’s onto the scene. The District’s dressed-to-the-nines will be gathering at L2 Lounge in Georgetown’s Cady’s Alley for a smart and sexy celebration for this fashionista.

The Coming Out Party promises to draw the area’s most visionary writers, thinkers, and society notables for an evening sure to be as full of evocative conversation as it is of the freshest fashions and refined frivolity. Guests will be smart in both the intellectual and sartorial sense.

Ultra trendy and sleek L2 is the ideal setting for inspired and original dialogue. Well-mannered political fire-starters will be rubbing elbows with trendsetters and up-and-coming designers at the Coming Out Party, where DC trades in its reputation as sleepy and stiff for brilliant and vibrant. With its distinguished culture-spanning ambiance, this lounge is perfectly suited for sophisticated, internationally minded Washingtonians who enjoy tall designer drinks as much as they do tall designer shoes, and bourbon as smooth as their supple Italian leather briefcases. has transformed blogging from mere opinionated commentary to intelligent, culturally relevant observation with a post-modern twist. Readers get a dose of history mixed with their current events and news journalism in this politi-couture forum.

With an increasing rate of people getting their news from blogs, and with more and more need for an untraditional perspective on the events and people of today’s world, is sure to become the go-to for nonconformist and revolutionary analysis on the challenges we face moving into a land of political, financial, and societal unknowns.

About is founded and edited by Quin Woodward Pu, a fresh face in Washington who is quick to find her niche in pensive, yet fast-paced, journalism. specializes in unconventional coverage of fashion, politics, and events in a style that interweaves current culture with classical and historical allusions for a time-transcending weltanschauung of society.

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