A change in structure


While “change” continues to advance/plague our country’s future, designers are finding ways to keep their couture lines fresh. Who can blame them for their increasingly bizarre designs? The economy is tanking, meaning people will be cutting out luxury items like thousand dollar blouses and runway dresses with a price tag to rival the average family’s mortgage.

As the USD continues to sink in value, many stay-at-home mothers have begun to take up part-time jobs, such as sales representative at Talbots or cashiers at Target, to help keep up the income into the household. Such an occurrence marks a reversal in the traditional “man as breadwinner” role. Now, of course the United States, and countries all over the world, are not unfamiliar with the position of women as main doughmakers, and I am certainly not saying this is anything but extraordinary that women are able to succeed in such a way. However, while women had to balance femininity with aggression to break through the once omni-existent glass ceiling, it seems that the new trend is moving quite lopsidedly toward the aggression side of that dichotomy. Check out the hot new Fall trend of structured shoulders, or, as I call it, shoulderpads-on-crack. In “Mean Girls,” Regina George complains that she cannot wear halters because of her “man shoulders.” This very feature is now in popular demand, and can provide event the smallest frames with butch intimidation.

Probably most people are familiar with Lady MacBeth’s famous line, “unsex me here,” wherein she is trying to shed her feminine qualities of sensitivity and meekness so that she can commit regicide. Although an extreme instance, women seem to be moving away from their feminine short skirts and slender frames and towards highly structured suit jackets and all forms of menswear. So if you’re considering buying into the trend that was last popularized by the monocle-wearing court attendant in “Cinderella,” perhaps avoid the impending doom of your femininity and save your money. Maybe you can cut out early from your next shift at Ann Taylor.


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