Peplums add femininity, formality to any ensemble












Earlier, I wrote about the dissolution of femininity in these financially trying times, when many women are returning to the workforce to supplement a dwindling household income. It seems the structured shoulder and warrioresque footwear, however, have met their match from certain designers not yet ready to see all that’s feminine and fair lose out to powerful and intimidation-causing clothing.

In a trend that lost much popularity during the no curves, stick-thin craze of the last few decades, the peplum, which features twee little frills right around the hip and waist (thus adding volume to those areas) has enjoyed a resurgence.  Though not terribly flattering, the peplum, is the utmost feminine garment, with its soft ruffles and emphasis on womanly curves.












Peplums have been spotted on the red carpet as well as the runway, appealing to everyone from the awesomely theatrical Alexander McQueen to the funky-chic Prada. This trend is perfect for all seasons, and can be attached to coats, dresses, blouses, and any other waist-concealing garment. Peplums can even be found as detachable accessories to be added to any outfit for instant style and formality.

Interestingly, the peplum originates from the Greek peplos, which is the Greek word for “tunic.” For a cultural perspective, see my earlier “Fashion Apocalypse” piece detailing the theory about classical civilizations that met their demise through excessive power, consumption, and hedonism. For now, though, we can just enjoy the refined frivolity of this sweet little adornment.

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