Stepford House blythe

As colleagues played Solitaire and other meaningful computer games, Connecticut House Democrats snuck a ridiculous bill to tax the crap out of anyone successful in the notoriously snobby state.

Repbulican governor Jodi Rell is going to allow the bill to pass without her signature. She had already slashed $8.3 million dollars in pork, which included a $1 million dollar program (!) that would teach senior citizens how to not slip on rugs, though she could have very easily let that part slide, as death panels will soon be instructing them how to do just that once they develop a problematic ailment, like, say, the common cold.

Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, astutely remarked that the $8.3 million is slashed pork was “a relatively minor issue overall in a $37 billion budget.”

This bill shows a true commitment to bipartisanship, with Republican legislators voting unanimously against this ridiculous budget, and many members urging Rell to veto.

Perhaps now the infamous Connecticut housewives will cut back on their vodka habits and aderrall chasers.


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