Party Pics from Vithaya Photography

9-10-2009 1-49-50 PM

With Jon Mervis, Texan Linda Wong, and sister Yee-Ming Woodward Pu

Special thanks to Vithaya from Vithaya Photography for covering the event! The Coming Out Party was written up on Vithaya’s blog, which I’ve added below. To see more pictures from this fabulous night, click here.–Out and About

The date and time was set with 9/9/09 at 9pm in ushering the coming out party for Quin Woodward Pu’s This blog is touted to be a culturally relevant observation of people and events mixing history with a post-modern twist of current events news journalism.

The venue for this coming out party for was the upscale and stylishly furnished L2 Lounge in Cady’s Alley of Georgetown. It seemed like an ideal place to host this event, seeing that the stone and modern surfaced, ambient and neon lit spacious lounge somewhat mirrored the style of the blog we’re celebrating.

As the night pressed on, more and more guests arrived with excitement in seeing Quin and the other guests there. It was a veritable social media gathering mixing current fashions with various hot topic discussions. The pictures from the night help tell the story of what is now history and blogs are sure to record history in the making as we all venture along the DC landscape of reality and dreams. This is our time.

9-10-2009 2-00-23 PM

2 thoughts on “Party Pics from Vithaya Photography

  1. Was in the area last night with a friend and we sort of went to your party. it was a good decision, had a ball! thanks!!

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