Eva Khurshid Trunk Show at Terra


Eva Khurshid debuts its premiere collection at fashion forward Dupont boutique Terra

An evening of cultural communications and sophisticated fashions

23 October, 2009, Washington, DC – Continuing the District’s push forward as the most fashionable international city, Middle Eastern designer Eva Khurshid is introducing its world-class clothing line to the nation’s capital. Eva Khurshid, the brainchild and stylish creation of Middle Eastern duo Fatima Monkush and Nyla Hashmi, melds the conservative mores of the designers’ homeland with the glamour and sexiness of the Western world. The appeal is found in what’s left to be discovered.

The Eva Khurshid woman does not participate in the gaudy race-to-the-bottom approach to tighter, shorter, and smaller clothing. Rather, the graceful lines of the clothing, found everywhere from the billowing silky blouses to the luxurious fabrics used for the perfectly hanging dress, have a far-reaching appeal. Eva Khurshid will be a favorite among the District’s diplomats and divas alike.

The evening at Terra, a leading boutique in trendy Dupont Circle, will feature a special appearance by both Fatima and Nyla, who are based in New York but have sold their line all over North America. The two friends will give a brief presentation of their transcendent line, discussing the inspiration behind the clothing and the unconventional aesethetic to their ready-to-wear collection.

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