Voldemort in DC!

It was quite the weekend here in DC, with Washingtonians shaking off their post-season blues with some parties and gatherings. Happy birthday to RNC powerhouse Cherie Short, who celebrated her birth in a fury of boas and pink at her swanky Georgetown home.

Also seen in DC this week was none other than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, who checked into the sumptuous Mandarin Hotel of Southwest Friday night. No word yet if he set up the lobby’s fireplace to be part of the Floo Network.

2 thoughts on “Voldemort in DC!

  1. Dear anonymous, thank you for catching the writers understandable word substitution. Thank you Little Black Blog for the party highlight!

    Cherie’s update đŸ™‚

    “YRNF/GOP Powerhouse” Cherie left Victory Fundraising at the RNC after the 2008 Presidential elections. Moving on to a Political Finance Directors position for a top Insurance Trade Association PAC. Currently the director of development for the nonprofit Innocents at Risks, fighting the Child Sex Trade. Cherie is was appointed the National Finance Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation in 2009.

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