The Art of Fragrance at the French Embassy


Fri., Feb. 5, 6:45 p.m.

We cut through the usual perfume-babble to illuminate the art of fragrance.

Despite the millions of marketing dollars poured in, the beauty of a fragrance can’t be predicted by cost, degree of nudity in ads, or appeal to nostalgia: It all still relies upon the perfumer’s difficult art. The lecture, scented throughout with examples, delves into the enjoyment of fragrance, the chemical discoveries that made modern perfumery possible, and the enduring mystery of how our noses figure it all out.

Luca Turin is a biophysicist at MIT, author of The Secret of Scent, and chief technology officer for a fragrance molecule design company. Co-author Tania Sanchez is widely published on the topic of perfumes. Their book, Perfumes: The Guide (Penguin), is available for signing. During the signing, Mr. Turin and Ms. Sanchez will be joined by Patricia de Nicolai, Parisian perfumer and director of the Osmotheque, the International Conservatory of Perfumes. Ms. de Nicolai will answer any questions and will sign her book, Once Upon a Time… Perfume, which will also be available for sale.

We’ll enjoy a glass of bubbly following the program.

Fragrance representatives from Bloomingdale’s share perfume samples and provide each participant with a special gift.

Reservations required; no tickets sold at the door. Ticket and photo ID required for admission. Business attire.

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