NRH Las Vegas Nights

The National Rehabilitation Hospital, which celebrates fundraising through unique events like polo games and 5Ks, held its first-ever Las Vegas and casino night-themed party last week. Held on a Thursday evening, this glitzy affair, held at the National Museum for Women in the Arts Building, was the perfect kick-off to the weekend. Guests were treated to delicious nibbles and cocktails, while Blackjack dealers and Texas Holdem pros like Mary Jones kept them entertained with their Vegas-perfected card skills.

Casino-themed decor, like blinking bulbs and “Welcome to Vegas” table trinkets dotted the historic space. Sequins, rhinestones, and beads covered the ladies, while men wore everything from black-tie to creative dice-spangled ties to show off their Craps abilities. It was an exciting evening for the noble causes of the National Rehabilitation Hospital, which raised money for its own programs dealing with injuries like brain and spinal cord damage, in addition to stroke.

Photo credit: Amanda Holcomb.

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