This seems normal….

Pissed at your boyfriend’s lovegames? Upset that the economic stimulus was less than stimulating and want to let some steam out? Well then you may be in luck, as a mall in Shenyang, China has created a “women-only venting store.” Sorry Mel Gibson— only women are allowed to lose their cool here. For one minute and one minute only, women are allowed to come into the store and break old TV’s and cell phones after donning a helmet and gloves. Shopping mall business manager Wang Jingyu describes the purpose of such a store so that, “women can come here to feel like they are in their own homes but without any limitations, and they can break anything here.” Interestingly enough, most “customers” are college students and white-collar workers. Wait a minute, you have to PAY for this?!

I know that when I’m angry my first thought is to hop in the car and drive twenty minutes to my local mall so that I can take a baseball bat to the wall. I imagine most women looking like this upon entering the store….

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