I'd like a salad, condom on the side. Kthanks.

With DC having the nation’s highest HIV rate (an estimated 3% of the city’s population over 12 is infected with HIV or AIDS) several community groups are taking action to fight the spread of the disease. The campaign slogan is:”DC’s Doin’ It!” an attempt to use “sex appeal to sell safe sex.” Genius.

According to the Associated Press, these groups have received a $500,000 grant from the MAC AIDS fund to pass out  female condoms at “instruction sessions” in select beauty salons, restaurants, and churches. While female condoms have been around since 1993, a reported 1% has actually tried them. They are now being sold in DC CVS stores making Washington  the only place in the country where female condoms can be purchased outside a health clinic, or through community groups.

Wait a minute…. these are being passed out where? So I can pick up one of these bizarre sock-like looking things at the Sunday church meet and greet? Is my favorite Olive Garden replacing their after-dinner mints with these things? Gee, I sure hope so!

What do these “instruction sessions” entail? Just ask DC-area condom enthusiast Charlene Cotton (job title– condom demonstrator–no joke) who aims to help women become more familiar with the female condom. Well thank God, because I was so worried that men and women wouldn’t know what the hell this was, thereby misusing it and further increasing the HIV/AIDS rate. “She demonstrates how to insert the condom and has people feel and hold it. She gives each woman three and does her demonstration for men, too.” I have two concerns here: 1) Demonstration?  2) Wait a minute, is this really being done at a church? Why Charlene, why?!

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