Hula Hoop Crackdown in Sin City

Categorize this under WTF: The city of Las Vegas is in talks to ban the use of Hula Hoops in the streets and sidewalks. Councilman Stavros Anthony claims, “Apparently there are Hula-Hoop people. These aren’t little Hula Hoops. They’re big Hula Hoops.” Such an insightful comment; I’m sure he stayed up all night planning this very important press release. The purpose for this ban is to prevent traffic flow issues and limit the number of “public disruptions” in the city. When you see an Elvis-tranny character in the street hula hooping, who wouldn’t stop and watch? Isn’t Las Vegas just one big public disruption in itself?? It’s comforting to know that prostitution is cool, but swinging your hips with a plastic toy is outrageous. I guess I’ll have to scratch off the “hula hooping with random drunk people in the street” plan off of my Las Vegas itinerary.

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