Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler?

Say it ain’t so!!! According to E! News:

They really hit it off,” the source tells E! News. “He’s crazy about her and she thinks he’s cute.

We hear Jay even met Kristin’s mom during the post-game meet and greet—the reality star was in town visiting her fam over the weekend.

The two then had their first official date Monday night in Chicago going on a group date to Angels and Kings bar, where they were “kissing all night.”

“They had a lot of fun,” says a source. “Kristin wants to come back to Chicago more often during the season.”

NO! I know probably no one else cares about this because it’s sure to fizzle out in a matter of days since Kristin is a fame-whore and nut-job, but I am actually concerned. I would like to take a moment to make a personal address to Jay on LBB. Ahem.

Jay— We are fellow Vanderbilt alum. I have watched the Bears practice at their training camp in my hometown of Lake Forest, IL, AND have partied at Angels and Kings before. We not only chatted at Sportsmans Bar in Nashville, but you also helped me carry a heavy case of Sugar-Free Red Bull to my car at the Sams Club parking lot in Chicago. And you choose this clown over me? SO RUDE.  Is this why the Bears have a 0-3 record so far this year? Do I need to forsake my Bears fan club membership and root for the Skins now? We are so donezo.

tell me about it:

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