Kristen Cavallari's mom gets a DUI…. this fam keeps it classy.

Because nothing says “I’m a responsible mom” by drunk driving yourself and your daughter around at 2am…….

Apparently last month Kristen and mom were driving in Barrington, IL (a Chicago suburb where hopefully she was not visiting the Bears’ whiny,sorry excuse for a QB-yet i still think he’s cute- Jay Cutler) when cops pulled them over to undergo some sobriety tests. While mom the driver was undergoing her tests (but I can’t say my ABC’s backwards even when I’m sober!) Kristen demanded that she be taken to a nearby Subway for a drunk five dollar footlong. Italian meatball sub on wheat> I care about my mom.

It turns out that this mommy daughter evening out went awry as Kristen’s mom was put in jail, the car in question was impounded, and Kristen was taken home by the cops (she admitted that she was also too wasted to drive.) To top it off, the Subway was closed so she didn’t even get her damn footlong. Umm hello, there are tons of Taco Bells and Wendy’s that are open at 2am. Seriously Jay, what are you doing with this sorry excuse of a reality star.

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