Hello Ridiculous SmartCar

There’s no secret about it: I think Smart Cars are the dumbest thing out there. There is room for yourself, and maybe a cup of coffee. Doing the following are therefore rendered obsolete: Transporting groceries (case of Bud Light), transporting your posse of girlfriends (to the nearest Georgetown Bar), doing travel that requires more than 30 minutes on the road, and looking like a respectable person who didn’t waste their money on a go-cart. So with all this aside, the folks over at Smart Car are offering the deal of the century and partnering with Hello Kitty to create a special decal for your “Smart Car” for only $1700. Sanrio president Janet Hsu says:

“Our collaboration with Smart USA allows fans to truly embrace the Hello Kitty lifestyle. This is the first time that Sanrio will offer a Hello Kitty car in the United States.”

More than anything, I’m just curious as to what the Hello Kitty lifestyle embraces. I once saw a crasian lady wearing a pink mini skirt with a Hello Kitty tattoo on her thigh at the Woodbridge Chick-Fil-A, so I could ask her what such a lifestyle entails. If only I could drive at age 5, this would top my Xmas list.

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