Responsible parenting at its best

Kylie Eastwood (aka winner of “Mom of the Year”) is being faced with the following charges after providing shots of “home brewed” liquor to her FIVE YEAR OLD: reckless conduct endangering serious injury and failing to protect a child from harm. According to news reports, the Australian mom cheered on her young binge-drinker-in-training as he downed four shots. In the midst of the toddler rage party, the boy’s father arrived at the home and confiscated the bottle, “into another room, but he soon heard Eastwood “woo-hooing” in the kitchen and discovered his son drinking more shots.” He just wanted to party, OK dad?! Gosh. Police were called to the house and according to their reports, the child was so intoxicated he was, “making grunting noises and walking into walls.” His BAC was found to be .09, which personally I would’ve thought would be much higher considering he downed four drinks and is, oh, FIVE. Kid is a tank.

Mom apparently thinks she did nothing wrong as, “a tape recording of Eastwood’s initial police interview revealed she told investigators her son ‘loved a drink.'”

“He likes his alcohol and asked me for a drink, and I told him, ‘Well OK, just one’,” Eastwood said.

He likes his alcohol? Were these shots served in sippy cups? Does he request that mom spike his apple juice? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?

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