Permission slips for "Pledge of Allegiance"

I thought this was America.

Gerardo Martinez, principal at a Massachusetts elementary school in Brookline is asking parents to fill out a permission slip indicating whether or not their child can participate in the daily recital of the pledge of allegiance.

One parent, told a local newspaper that she felt “uncomfortable” with her child reciting the pledge. “It’s uncomfortable,” Judi Puritz Cook told the Local Wicked newspaper. “The pledge is a promise, and I’ve always taught my kids to think very carefully before making any promise. It’s not a decision I want to make for them.”

I’m sorry that Judi is not able to appreciate the liberty and freedom afforded to those that live in America. Maybe she would feel more comfortable in North Korea. Absurd.

“Under state law, teachers are required to lead students in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of every school day. Those who fail to do so for at least two weeks could face fines of up to five dollars.”

I recite the Pledge of Allegiance in my class each day, and there is no choice about it. Sorry that I love America.

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