Brett Favre forks over 50K for sexting

In addition to a horrendous season with the Vikings, Brett Favre is now facing a $50,000 fine from NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, for failing to cooperate with the league’s investigation of his sexting to NY Jets character, Jenn Sturger. From FoxSports:

“Sterger, a former New York Jets media personality, had claimed Favre sexually harassed her when both were with the New York franchise in 2008.

Favre allegedly sent Sterger inappropriate text and phone messages, as well as photos of his genitalia. The allegations were first reported by Commissioner Roger Goodell is likely to fine, but not suspend, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre over the Jenn Sterger fiasco, has learned. The ruling is expected to come as soon as Wednesday but no later than Thursday.

Favre admitted to leaving Sterger voice messages but denied sending her lewd photographs.”

Yikes. While penis text pics are traumatizing and confusing, I’m sure that Jenn Sturger will get a Playboy deal or something out of this whole fiasco. Way to end your season on a high note. GO BEARS! : )

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