Money can't buy you class, just racial slurs

Real HoWife The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and her daughter (she’ll grow into it?) are doing some serious bigotry backpedaling today. The pretentiously named Victoria de Lesseps was caught on camera dropping the N-bomb while smoking a cigarette. The whole thing may have blown over, but Manhattan frenemy/retinally activated Ramona decided to re-tweet the first public mention of it all, stirring up some royal dust.

The Countess said in a public statement:

“I am the parent of a teenager, and as any parent can attest, teenagers go through periods of doing things that are wrong and not appropriate and that are later regretted … My daughter Victoria knows that the behavior she exhibited was unacceptable. I have chosen to deal with this as a private family matter and an opportunity to discuss consequences of our actions.”

tell me about it:

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