Makeout sesh gone WAY wrong

Hiding our hickeys with concealer, turtlenecks, and strategically placed necklaces are apparently the least of our concerns. A New Zealand woman was left partially PARALYZED after receiving what she thought was an innocent hickey on her neck. False. Turns out that she suffered from a mild stroke, as doctors concluded that the marks left from their romantic tryst were found over a major artery, thus causing a blood clot. Is nothing safe anymore? Is this why the Duggar kids can only hold hands before marriage?

Her doctors said the following:

“Because it was a love bite there would be a lot of suction. Because of the physical trauma it had made a bit of bruising inside the vessel. There was a clot in the artery underneath where the hickey was. We looked around the medical literature and that example of having a love bite causing something like that hasn’t been described before.”

Love certainly does bite for her.

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