The 3 scents that turn off women….

While listening to the Kane Show on the way to school this morning, they were discussing some study from the Chicago Sense and Smell Institute saying that the following three things were the biggest scent turn-offs to women:

1) Cherries (Supposedly makes women think of cough syrup when they were children.)

2) Barbeque Sauce (Supposedly makes women think of cooking and traditional gender roles.)

3) Cologne (Supposedly makes women think of former exes.)

Is it just me, or are these three things actually turn-ons?

–Cherries remind me of Shirley Temple drinks which were a childhood favorite. Added with some Svedka, they are still an adulthood favorite.

–I put barbeque sauce on everything. It reminds me of summer time cook outs. And if you don’t like grilling in the summer, you might as well move to Canada.

–Cologne? Granted if its a pretty foul cologne it can be a turn-off, but the right cologne on a guy is totally a turn-on.

I might have to go to my old Chi-Town stomping grounds and question the research involved in this “study.”

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