Faction of Fools' 2011 Gala Carnevale: A Night of Foolery

Pantalone may have left town, but he left his checkbook behind…
and La Signora is throwing a party!

Come join in the foolery and fun at

Mead Theatre Lab
916 G St NW, Washington DC 20001
this Feb 24th at 7:30pm.

Capitano will patrol the red carpet in order to ensure
that only elite guests are allowed entrance.

A Mad Masquer will fit you with
your very own mask for the evening–something to match
whatever snazzy tie, vest, shoes, knockout party dress,
or zoot suit you come wearing.

Zanni servants will provide you with
your food and drink throughout the evening,
along with a helping dose of some zany frivolity.

La Signora will point you towards the treasures
she’s collected for her silent auction and raffle.
(She wants to help ease Pantalone’s pain
at seeing his checkbook upon return home.)

From behind your mask you can flirt with impunity,
eat and drink to excess, and spend like there is no tomorrow!

Come celebrate Faction of Fools’ first year in DC
and get inspired for its years to come.
View preview scenes from Faction’s upcoming season.
Skype with international Commedia dell’Arte Day events
already in progress in Australia and Antarctica.
Feast on Italian delicacies and vino.
And dance the night away…

La Signora wants to see you at this night of Foolery that you will never forget!

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