Faction of Fools: A Night of Foolery

In a town where cocktail attire is considered casual at many fundraisers, Faction of Fools stands out as an organization that really gets into character. For their inaugural fundraiser “A Night of Foolery,” players from the DC-based commedia dell’arte company were decked out in the traditional costume of the art form.

Guests were greeted and announced–yep, just like in Cinderella–to the large gathering at Flashpoint Gallery in Chinatown. A make your own masquerade mask station and an abundance of feathers, sequins, and anything glittery set the mood, while wine flowed from bars and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres were passed.

Adding to the excitement were performers mingling with the guests, including the classic commedia dell’arte stock characters Pulcinella and La Ruffiana, who stayed in character with their modern-day party attendees.

A live performance was held in the theater, where observers were encouraged to heckle performers, as was typical to the art form. Matthew Wilson, the Founding Artist Director, gave a brief educational background, and three short sketches of Shakespearean plays performed in the commedia dell’arte style.

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