Engaged! Magazine event

As a single 23-year-old woman with absolutely no prospects apart from the homeless saxophone player on Connecticut, going to a bridal event held at three of the most exquisite hotels in downtown DC was not my idea of a rockin’ Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by Engaged! Magazine’s luxurious bridal event, which spanned across some of the swankiest-of-the-swanky District hotels, each replete with bridal decor, cocktails, and food tastings. Who needs a man when there’s Veuve?

I started my journey at the Hay-Adams Hotel, easily my favorite hotel in the city. The beautiful rooftop view wasn’t even marred by dreary weather, since an abundance of flowers and tablescapes brightened up the room. Vendors ranging from ateliers to photogs to planners and everything in between greeted us as we walked from station to station, oohing and ahhing over the exquisite decor and savoring the delicious treats. The shimmering pink champagne didn’t hurt either.

While my photog and I were delighting in the Hay-Adams, we had to remind ourselves that two other hotels awaited us, so we head out. We were again surprised to find that the bridal event extended downstairs as well, with a sexy men’s lounge serving bourbon and a cigar station. An ocean of chocolates were laid before us, and we had to physically pull ourselves away from a particular table of white chocolate truffle pops that are honestly the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted.

The combination of Taittinger, red wine, scotch, cucumber vodka, lavendar martinis, and pretty much every other bar libation doesn’t make for the best (or most legal) of driving skills. Not to worry–Engaged! had organized a shuttle to ferry us from one dreamy location to the next. The Willard was my favorite, with a wintery wonderland themed ballroom. I’m not a big fan of flowers, so the ethereal and organic twig bouquets were to my liking moreso than the tea roses at the Hay-Adams. That’s the great part about the Engaged! event: if one aesthetic doesn’t suit you, there’s always another. The food at the Willard was a little more savory, including steak tartare samples and even more adventurous fare like ostrich and escargot. Definitely a home run.

The final hotel, the St. Regis, was a wonderful end to the event, which stretched well into the evening. A live band kept the crowd lively even during the final hours, and the darkness of the night sky gave the feeling of a true evening wedding rather. Lights were the crowning jewel of the hotel’s decor, and the luminous layout was a nice contrast to The Willard, which had a darker, moodier ambiance.

And so, even for the singlest of girls in the city, this event was one of the best I’ve attended in my two years of event coverage. Now, if only they had some sort of matchmaking vendor on hand for all the non-betrotheds…

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