Weiner's Weiner Controversy.


Because everyone loves the unsuspecting and occasional Twitter dick pic.

Rep. Andrew Weiner is in some hot water after his Twitter account was reportedly hacked, thus sending a picture of “somebody’s bulging underwear” to a random college student (pictured above.) The congressman denies that he sent the picture. He says:

“I know for a fact that my account was hacked. I can definitively say that I did not send this.” Although he claims he “certainly” does not know the female college student recipient, he declines to say whether or not it was him (or his parts) in the photo. From FoxNews: Asked point-blank, “Is that picture you?” Weiner replied, “You know I’m not going to talk about this anymore.” He later went on to call reporters “jackasses” when they tried to find out if it was him in the picture.

Unfortunately I have not seen the dick pic in question, but perhaps he is embarrassed to admit it is him? Does he not recognize his own package? I don’t get it. Whether or not he actually sent it, having some inappropriate pics on your twitter, or anywhere on your computer for that matter, is probs a poor choice. Or perhaps this story will reveal a total plot twist, and it is actually his gay boyfriend’s modeling shots. Who knows.


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