Fair Chance Butterfly Bash

Photo credit: Amanda Holcomb

The fourth annual Butterfly Bash, held by Fair Chance at the stately Mellon Auditorium, brought together visionary leaders in the area who have provided substantial and sustained support to non-profits that improve the lives of children and youth in Washington DC.


Proving to be their largest event ever, guests at the lavish Butterfly Bash helped raise almost $200,000, with over 500 in attendance. Silent auction items peppered the beautiful space, which was lit with Fair Chance’s signature purple and green colors.  A savory and bountiful buffet, as well as copious bars with every libation guests could want, kept the party going late into the evening.


Katharine Weymouth, the publisher of The Washington Post and Honorary Chair of Fair Chance, spoke as an honoree during the evening’s brief program. Speaking about the importance of continued financial contributions to underserved children during our current financial crisis. Amanda Marshall, Founder at Fair Chance, also spoke at length about the importance of generosity.


The highlight of the evening was the Jangling Reinharts, the local band that performed crowd favorites ranging from Motown to 90’s alternative rock to 50s and 60s boogie beats. Guests danced the night away but never forgot the focus of the evening, which was helping those less fortunate during an especially difficult time.


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