Jenna Bush beating Chelsea Clinton in TV ratings

Turns out ivy league female empowerment doesn’t hold a candle to state school traditional values.

From Daily Mail:

Their family names have doubtless opened a few doors for them both.

But now in their own particular ways, Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush Hager are learning that reputation only goes so far – then the rest is up to you.

Ms Clinton has been struggling as a TV journalist on the NBC show ‘Making A Difference’ amid reports that executives are disappointed with her ‘terrible’ on-screen performance.

By sharp contrast Ms Bush has been excelling with her reporting on the  network’s flagship programme ‘The Today Show’ and has become a firm favourite with viewers.

On the face of it one would have expected Ms Clinton, 32, to be the more popular as she has been in front of the cameras all her life.

Yet Ms Bush, 30, with her likeable personality and natural warmth has endeared herself to viewers far more easily.

The youngest daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush, she seems grounded and at ease when compared to her more cerebral rival.

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