Get Your Glow On: Virginia Gold Cup Edition

Editorial credit: Katie DePaola (bio at conclusion of post)

With its placement below the Mason Dixon line, it’s totally fair to call The District a southern city. Countless Greek life devotees flock to here post-college to continue their fraternizing ways and enhance Washington’s frat-tastic reputation one by one. I’m a Yankee gal myself, but as a Vanderbilt graduate, it’s little surprise that my years in New York City were short lived and I now find myself back below the line.

When it comes to styling, Southern girls don’t miss a beat. Competition fills the air and stakes are high. If you find yourself prepping for Saturday’s Virginia Gold Cup, here’s what you’ll need get going and glowing. Enjoy, you preppy thang!

  1. Chic Sundress. The dress is the signature starting point for all social plans, also known as THE DRESS. Although you were right to consult your Little Black Blog, I recommend steering away from the little black dress for this outdoor kick-off-this-kickass-summer occasion. Best sundress spots include Urban Chic in Georgetown or H&M if you’re on a budget. You can also Rent the Runway and borrow a piece from Lilly Pulitzer herself for only $50. This is perfect if you want something fabulous and only want to wear it once.
  2. Mini Prep Cleanse. When you’re getting ready for an important social gathering and want to have an amazing glow, it’s great to start the preceding days with a green drink to load up on beauty nutrients. Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie—featured on Dr. Oz this April—contains more than 3 cups of dark leafy green veggies. Talk about a party in your cup!
  3. Perfect Sunless Tan. With most sunless tanners, the color and smell of solution are enough to make any gal wrap herself in a cardigan and bare as little skin as possible. Thankfully, the authentic bronze offered by Whole Glow (Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and Quin Woodward Pu are also fans) enhances your natural skin tone to give that perfect Oscar-worthy glow. And darlings, this isn’t even the Oscars! Mention code “LBBGLOW” and receive $15 off your first session.
  4. Cray Amounts of H2O. Water is SO important in cleansing the body so let’s get cray here! It’s wise to get into the routine of drinking a hot cup of water with lemon juice each morning and refresh with cold lemon water throughout the day, especially while you’re out in the hot Virginia sun. Lemons are high in Vitamin C and have enzymes, which help support the liver to detox and burn fat. Burn baby burn!
  5. SPF 30 Sunscreen. While fat is something we won’t betch about burning, our skin is quite the opposite. Thankfully, these days it’s more fashionable to protect your skin than to walk around resembling the lobsters on your boyfriend’s Vineyard Vines pants. Showing up with a bottle of baby oil is so 1985, but SPF 30+ is super fly. Stay protected and keep that healthy glow!
  6. Obligatory Handmade Cooler. And by handmade, I mean hand-decorated. At Vandy, coolers were a major tradition. We trekked to Wal-Mart to get the largest cooler under the sun and paint pens in every color of the rainbow. There’s thankfully no Wal-Mart in DC but if you don’t have a cooler stating, “OMG VIRGINIA CUP 2012!!!” how in the world can you expect your horse to win?
  7. Bottoms Up Baby. Hey gal, now you’re ready to party! Stick with wine (organic ones are best) or keep it clear with vodka. Wines contain sugar but they also have flavonoids and antioxidants, which won’t destroy your glow like a big bottle of Jack Daniels. Rum and bourbon are dirty liquors, whereas vodka—just pure alcohol and water—is the cleanest. Always drink in moderation and live it up, you glow goddess!

Graduating cum laude from Vanderbilt University, Katie DePaola lived in London, Australia and New York all in search of the perfect sunless tan. That’s not entirely true, but she did find it along the way, and now she’s brought it to Washington, DC. She’s currently working towards her M.S. in Human Nutrition so she can preach the Glow Gospel inside and out! To find out Whole Glow’s first available appointment, contact Katie at (301) 758-3676 or email

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