"Made in Hungaria" film screening

Hungarian Embassy Film Club Screening: “Made in Hungária”

"Made in Hungaria" film screening“Humor is resistance” is the running theme of the Hungarian Embassy’s film series, and its 61st screening, “Made in Hungária,” was no exception. Gergely Fonyó’s 2009 movie is “Grease” meets “Footloose”: a colorful, fast-paced, over-the-top musical about the lives of rebellious teenagers.

In the film, Miklós “Miki” Fenyö  returns to Communist Hungary with his family in the mid 1960s, when everyone else was fleeing to the West. Miki brings with him his love of all things American, including rock ‘n’ roll. The local kids love him, which inevitably attracts the attention of the authorities. Throughout the movie he tries to play the music he loves as much as he can without jeopardizing his family’s safety.

It’s a fun film, although some of the humor wasn’t readily apparent to the Americans in the audience. Before the film, the cultural attache said he would raise his hand whenever something funny happened; this indeed proved helpful.

Launched in August 2009, the Péter Bacsó Embassy Film Club presents classic and new Hungarian films usually on Tuesdays, drawing attention to popular and lesser known products of the Hungarian cinema.

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