BB Forever: Brigitte Bardot, The Legend

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Photo credit: Mandy Holcomb

Highlighting its French roots and esteem for international cinema,   SofitelLuxury Hotels presented “BB Forever – Brigitte Bardot, The Legend,” a traveling photo exhibit venerating the legendary French actress, singer, and model, Brigitte Bardot.  As a testament to the exhibit’s success in Los Angeles and Chicago, the exhibit launched June 21, 2012 at the Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square, showcasing 30 exclusive photographs of Brigitte Bardot’s rise to fame.

The exhibit, which was designed in collaboration with Henry-Jean Servat, a famed French journalist and author, retraces the life of French icon Brigitte Bardot with an exclusive selection of photos, following her extraordinary cinematographic experience from teenage dreamer to modern day star. Through never-before-seen snapshots, visitors can admire the different facets of the actress, who throughout her career distinguished herself through her beauty, spontaneity and carefree spirit and whose personality led her to be regarded not only as a legend and sex symbol, but also as the embodiment of women’s liberation.

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