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Folk music fans and farmer supporters gathered Tuesday evening at the Bolivarian Hall of the Embassy of Venezuela for a concert fundraiser featuring folk duo Magpie. The event benefited National Family Farm Coalition, and featured delicious, sustainable fare and locally sourced beverages like Washington’s DC Brau and donated wines.

The National Family Farm Coalition represents family farm and rural groups whose members face the challenge of the deepening economic recession in rural communities. The NFFC was founded in 1986.

The combination of member groups’ grassroots strength and NFFC’s experience working on the national level enables them to play a unique role in securing a sustainable, economically just, healthy, safe and secure food and farm system. Additional power comes from collaborative work with a carefully built network of domestic and international organizations that share similar goals.

NFFC chooses its projects based on the potential to empower family farmers by reducing the corporate control of agriculture and promoting a more socially just farm and food policy. For more information, see

Guests enjoyed foot-tapping and hand-clapping songs from Magpie, a band comprised of Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner. Terry and Greg are internationally known for their musical work in the environmental movement. Throughout their career, they have devoted a tremendous amount of their time, energy, and music to environmental causes. Their musical work has supported the work of such notable groups as National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, the National Wildlife Refuge System, the National Park Service, and Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. For more information, see

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