Great Summer Intern Debate: Cato vs. Heritage

Join the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation as we host our annual summer intern debate to discuss the topic: Is libertarianism or conservatism the better political philosophy?

The event will be moderated by political columnist Tim P. Carney. A reception will follow. This event is open to all students, interns, and young professionals. To reserve your seat, register here: (Due to the popularity of this event, registration may close early.)

The event will also be broadcast live online here: Liberty and virtue are values that both conservatives and libertarians tout as components of their philosophies. Historically, disagreements about the definitions of and balance between liberty and virtue have taken a backseat to other, more pressing conflicts, causing the distinct philosophies to often be lumped together.

As times have changed, elements of the old “fusionism” alliance have dissolved, and new conflicts have emerged that impose a strain on the formerly functioning, though imperfect, ideological partnership. Recent policy issues have highlighted disagreements in areas such as the War on Drugs, national defense, welfare, immigration, marriage, foreign policy, and many others. Because of this—and especially during a heated election year—it is important to discuss the similarities and the differences between the two worldviews. *Views to be expressed by interns are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of their respective organizations. Facebook event link

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